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Prima Design Source

I began my career in the furniture industry right out of college. I have held executive roles in several industry leading companies, helped to take one company public and also co-owned another company. The launch of Prima is really the culmination of the past 16 years I have worked in this industry with the vast experience I have gathered. As I begin a new chapter of my life by starting a family I am also starting a new chapter with this business. My wife, Alissa, is handling all of my PR and Marketing and we hope she will eventually work full time in our family business. My daughter, Hayley, is too young to help in the business but gives me a big hug when I return home from each business trip! I have grown to love this industry and the people in it. I enjoy the creative aspect of the product and design but I mostly love seeing the innovative beautiful ways that our customers find to put our product line into homes and businesses. I am a salesman at heart and so I most enjoy meeting with our customers at the many trade shows we attend each year, visiting with each of them personally to provide a higher level of service and making myself available to talk with them on a daily basis. This truly is the best part of the business. We are initially offering signed and numbered originals by artist Ana Romo, art glass collections, sculptures, pottery, wall décor, accent furniture, and one-of-a-kind artwork. I plan to continue to expand the product line in the future. I am working with artisans and designers that have been in this business for 15 – 30 years. Our team is very strong in design and we are committed to producing beautiful high quality products.

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