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Significance of lamps- choose the perfect lamp for your home

By Vikram R March 26, 2015 No comments

One of the simplest and easiest methods to have to light up a dark corner in your building or to add some atmospheric illuminating to your living area is to locate your choice of fixture. With a great number of designs, shapes, sizes, colors, lighting abilities, fixtures comprise one of the majority comfortable methods one has to change the lighting tone of the house. In real fact, the illuminating choose and utilized can complete the statement of a home or increase the decor of an unusually professionally appealing work space.

Home Accessories – A Vital Key To Personalize Your Home

By Vikram R March 26, 2015 No comments

It’s the dream of every homeowner, to make their house look very stylish, comfortable, luxurious and trendy. The beauty of home can be increased by making use of house accessories. There has been a quite good increase in the demand for the home accessories in the past few years.

Home accessories can really add sophisticated and elegant touch to your home. It’s the greatest way to décor your home. In the current day, there is a wide number option to choose your required accessories for the home. There are myriad vendors who are specialized in the process of designing as well as selling the home accessories to public and for designers as well. These accessories can range from simple designs to intricate wall hangings.

Lamps And Lighting – Brighten Up Your Home

By Vikram R November 20, 2014 No comments

Lamps and Lighting: Brighten up your Home

Lamps and Lighting Accessories

Lighting plays a key role in everyone’s life. An eye-catching lighting arrangement gives a great look to any space. A wide assortment of lamps & lighting items can be utilized for various purposes. They are used for beautification, brightening up dark areas, and making a room inviting. The right arrangement of lighting and lamps can completely change the look of place and give it a beautiful striking look. Lighting can make a room look much more spacious.

A soothing arrangement of lights can create a relaxed atmosphere to come home to after a long day of work. Lamps and lighting fulfill many objectives. They can be utilized for security and safety purposes as well. In a dark area, effective lighting gives a nice ambience to the room. Lighting is inexpensive and easy to install as well. A range of lighting options to suit many purposes are designed by several manufacturers


By Vikram R October 20, 2014

Apart from complimenting your newly painted walls with soft furnishings and effective flooring, home decor accessories in a room are just as equally important.  Accessories ranging from flowers in a contemporary vase to art pictures hanging on your walls, all add the finishing touches to any room.  Above all, wall decor accessories add personality to a room, they inject your own personal touch making your home unique to you and comfortable and inviting for you and your family.

Decorating with Wall Decor Arts


By Vikram R October 20, 2014

You don't have to complete a decorating overhaul to give your home a fresh, updated look. For a new look today, try one of our low-cost tips using our HOME DECOR ACCESSORIES

Do up your home with rugs

By Roger Anand May 28, 2014 No comments

Make your home more inviting by displaying rugs on your flooring

You spend the maximum part of your day at home. It's where you invite the most important people in your life. So to create that extra impact, well-executed floor coverings can be useful. With respect to floor coverings, rugs have become a vital part of interior decor. An exquisite looking rug made of the finest fabric can add luxury to the decor. "Whether it's the drawing room, bedroom, dining room or living room, beautiful floor covering is essential for a plush look," . Apart from being decorative, rugs also help in protecting your floor from scuffs and dings. They are much easier to move than many other decorative items. "Rugs are important versatile additions to any seasonal decorative theme," says Shenoy. He gives tips on how to pick the most suitable rugs for your home.

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